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Videos in YouTube

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Dear reader, There are a couple of new ErilaZ live videos available in YouTube from the Graveyard Party gig. Check them out right now, as this contains material unpublished before! ErilaZ – Straight Line: ErilaZ – The Architect: ErilaZ – Freyja’s Call:

New songs in MySpace profile

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Dear all, I have uploaded two new songs into my MySpace profile: The first one is my Club Schatten song contest entree, Straight Line, and the other one is a demo version of an to-be-released song called If I die today. *ErilaZ

ErilaZ – Straight Line takes part in a song contest

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Dear all, ErilaZ has taken part on Club Schatten’s annual song contest again. This year the competing song is titled Straight Line and can be found on the ErilaZ MySpace profile. Check it out and vote ErilaZ here: *ErilaZ