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ErilaZ album creation studio blog, part 1

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We decided to start writing about our studio sessions while creating and preparing our upcoming full-length album, so what follows here is the first one in the series. We already started the long and work requiring project of finishing our first full-length album a bit earlier. We recorded[…]

If I Die Today mp3


Dear all, Something was missing from the free mp3 downloads – now you can also download If I Die Today as 192kbps mp3 file freely from the download section. The song is still in demo stage, but already sounds pretty much ErilaZ, with the familiar Industrial, EBM and[…]

New songs in MySpace profile

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Dear all, I have uploaded two new songs into my MySpace profile: The first one is my Club Schatten song contest entree, Straight Line, and the other one is a demo version of an to-be-released song called If I die today. *ErilaZ