Lyrical inspiration à la ErilaZ.


To See the World Burn

Released: 2014
145 bpm

Sól tér sortna, sígr fold í mar,
hverfa af himni heiðar stjörnur,
geisar eimi ok aldrnari,
leikr hár hiti við himin sjálfan.

The old man’s pale eye
glares at the dawn
His hand is raised to hail the host

Nine wild beast battalions
shielding grim þursar
Tonight’s not black, it shall spark with fire

Three winters have passed
Thrice in time, ice hid life
The Black One howls
at the dawn of Ragnarökr

New world will soon arise
With raining ash comes silence
To See the World Burn
denotes the final sacrifice

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July Cries

Released: 2012
146 bpm

Empty cries, desperate wail
On this era, of wolves and hail
What I saw yesterday, has been ruined, battered and stained
What lived before, has now crossed the bay

Roots are pulled out of the ground
Standing on nothing, beaten down
Roaches marching for gold
Sun-devourer follows

Termites feeding on souls
Radioactive glow
Polluting the air, polluting the ground
Poisonous waters stir uneasy sounds

Hateful to the core
you rotten sons of whores

July Cries!

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Unknown Dark Horizons

Released: 2012
193 bpm

I walk down the corridor
I descend the dark aisle
The wooden planks creak under my feet
But the rug from the orient softens it

Down at the basement I gather my gear
With chalk I draw and with my palm I smear
Envision a candle-lit cave
With Helm of Awe as floor and ceiling

Coming back up, I open the doors
stepping forward to the balcony
Miles and miles, and miles away
as far as the eye can see

Mid-gray atmosphere, with brownish hues
Artistic masterpiece, beginning to bloom

Fold to black, where shadows exist
Turns to gloom, where light persists

I only know this cannot be true
what’s behind it all I cannot recall
I fully memorize this view
and paint it over with silver and blue

Begin my Galdor by whispering
Then creak and shout, blazing out three words
I let the wind take them further away
Down the tower and through the plains


Unknown dark horizons
Untold and hidden blazons
The book of power – that deceives the eye!

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The Architect

Released: 2009
150 bpm

Devisor, Designer,
Visualist unseen
The planner, brick-layer
An analyst most skilled

Measurer of dimensions
Inventor of proportions
The world is at your hands,
bend it as you will!

Design my abode
Design my request
Design my image,
The Architect

The core skin of the onion
First layer of the Multiverse
Creating blossom or total oblivion
Manifestation of Thought and Will

Watch over my Watchtower
Thought and Memory, my eyes and ears
Build my Mansion, so it touches the sky
My resting place, housing for my Mind

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If I Die Today

Released: 2008
108 bpm

If I die today,
Lay me on a straw bed
and light me in flames

let the fire eat me
and burn my worn flesh away

Throw my ashes
for the wyrd to regain
From the top of the mountain
To the everlasting sea

and let the gods smell me coming
in their halls up high
This is my final wish,
This is how I want to die,
when it’s my time

Should I die today,
play my song for long
let the crowd sing along
Let them chant my name

If I die today,
Let me become immortal
Join them, in chanting my name
carve into stone my deeds of fame

And say your farewells
and shout out your final hails
raise the horn high
Let’s drink together,
one final time

Contact me with
movement, galdr and rite,
Ask A-R-N-A,
I’ll be in the eye of the storm

On the night that the sun and the moon
are consumed, on that night
I ask you to heed these words
One day I’ll return renewed,
On another day, in another place

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Straight Line

Released: 2008
128 bpm

I walk a straight line,
On a path of no lies
Shortcuts are ignored
and no other way’d ever get me there

Where I’m going no one else will,
to a new state of being
A new age beginning
Searching, trying, learning

Everyone dies one day
What you make of yourself shall stay
Walk toward your aims
and never hesitate

C’mon – Straight line!
C’mon, everyone – Straight line!

Giving self to my Self
The Rune shines bright at the end
Three times three,
equals nine Mysteries

Walk with me!
Breathe with me!
Abandon the paths
that common men tread

Walk with me!
Breathe with me!
Let the fire burn
in Crisis and Need

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New World Disorder

Released: 2007
152 bpm

The first thing you hear
is your own misbeating heart
synced to the amount of stress
that keeps you awake

Caffeine, nicotine, heroine, sodomy,
Gasoline, valium, booze,
Dirt rally way off-course
and infected prepaid whores

What you see is what you get;
Advertisements and neon lights
despair, perpetual hurry
And sitcom filled nights

Oh, the pleasures of today,
Only black lights to illuminate,
Polluted smoke to inhale,
Our dried-up bodies have failed

Anarchy in the UK, in Europe
and the whole fucking world
Riots, flag-burnings and gallows,
Unwell being, free of charge

Birds of ill omen
struggling, covered in oil
feeding on each other
Wrapped in plastic foil

How can you bear,
being raped day after day
held in utter disgust
Ever continuing this fool’s play

Slit-throats, jesters and madmen
I will haunt you to your grave
The Blood Eagle is reserved for you
and anyone carrying your name

Welcome, my friend
To the New World Disorder
Welcome, my son
To bathe in the fallout

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Released: 2006
175 bpm

Do you know how to fight,
when entropy is spread by creatures of night?
Do you know how to write
about the depths touching the sky?
Do you know when to sacrifice,
yourself for this shining might?

Alone is he,
who stands at the summit of world
Whispering words
that below aren’t being heard

But only the elite will prevail
when hate partakes in the game
And if he never gave in,
He’d won posthumous fame

I now stand here,
where your hopes clash with your fears,
Looking down from the moon.
I never was one of you

Alone is he,
who stands at the summit of world
Whispering words
that below aren’t being heard

But only the élite will prevail
when the enemy invade the day
And if he never gave in,
He’d won posthumous fame

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Released: 2005
99 bpm

What is it,
that is holy to man?
Is it wealth, possessions
and a square mile of land?

Revolt against the modern world,
against it’s leaders and their herd!
Forget their tales about the holy land,
For here’s how you can make sacred
with your own hand:

Here I stand, in Elk-stance,
My arms spread wide,
My roar is as a whirlwind
reaching down from the sky

I call to thee,
I conjure thee,
Who already are
inside of me

Come now forth
come, and partake
on this hour, on which
I alter my fate


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