About ErilaZ

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ErilaZ is a Finnish Industrial Metal group.

ErilaZ’s music simultaneously embraces violent, grandiose and beautiful atmospheres. ErilaZ mixes elements of Industrial Metal, EBM and Electro and was originally founded in 2005 as a one-man band.

ErilaZ’s debut EP ‘First of the Vortices’, released via German cult label Danse Macabre, gained great response in Europe. The second release, Black God of the Hunt continued where the year-before published EP left. Black God of the Hunt showed a more versatile and nuanced side of ErilaZ consisting of a wide variety of dark Industrial Metal songs.

ErilaZ literally means “Runemaster”. Runes, among other areas of nordic mythology and viking age history play a big part in ErilaZ’s musical repertoire and lyrical themes. The lyrics are full with references to the mythos, sagas and Eddas as well as intellectual riddles that do not open to the uninitiated.

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