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ErilaZ synth player quits, looking for new members!

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Finnish Industrial Metal band ErilaZ’s long-term synth player aQi quits the band to concentrate on his other project Kuroshio. The decision has been made in good mutual understanding and no drama, thriller or hentai was involved.

ErilaZ has begun the search for a replacing synth player, but the band is also looking for other new members. Besides the synth player, there are openings for a drummer and another virtuoso for instrument X.

“ErilaZ has never been bound with scene norms. Besides the synth player and a drummer, we’re also looking for a third suitable new member to complement the band. The third instrument could be basically anything as long as it blends well with the unique style of ErilaZ”, says the band’s founder.

The last gig with old ErilaZ line-up takes place at the annual Metalorgy festival in Helsinki, on 21st December 2013. The festival stage is shared with other Finnish Industrial metal legends: Turmion Kätilöt, Fear of Domination and Diablerie.

ErilaZ plays versatile Industrial Metal with hints of punk, black metal and electro. Before new members step in, the band consists of founder/songwriter/vocalist ErilaZ and guitarist Proteus, familiar to many also from his Hard Dance DJ career. ErilaZ was founded in 2005. Their album ‘Black God of the Hunt‘ was both praised and bashed by critics worldwide. As a result, the whole band is known to suffer from severe manic depressive disorder.

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