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Militant production (Studio blog, part 3)

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ErilaZ after a bad vocal takeBeen a while since our last studio blog post. Mr Proteus was touring in Australia for a couple of weeks, but now he’s back. Meanwhile I’ve been working on some other stuff like taking my Harley to a garage to spend the winter (and be blown into pieces, mind you) as well as putting together the design for our upcoming new web site.

Nevertheless, today I had a couple of hours of time to spend at the studio. So, quickly I set everything up, push record and start singing. Well, didn’t go that well on the first take (see the picture, that’s mr. ErilaZ after the first take). But I did manage to get something on the virtual tape. Recorded a batch of vocals for Militant, the song you remember from our last studio blog article. By the way, the working name for the song has since changed from Militant to the more probable choice “Legacy”.

We’re a bunch of nice guys, so here’s a quickie clip for your perverse pleasure. F*cked up sh*t like usually, don’t you think?

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