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Mixing a couple of songs for the full-length (Studio blog, part 2)

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Today we continued the work with the intention of starting to work on the first song of the album that is still missing a proper name, vocals and waiting for some mixing love. Work name for the song is Militant, according to the rather militant drum beat that first catches the listener. However, one of our studio partners had cunningly stolen the only headphones around so we couldn’t start recording the vocal parts which was a shame. So we decided to postpone working on “Militant” for now. But for fun’s sake , here’s the current sequence of the song, missing the vocals.

Sequence screenshot of the first song

So, not being able to work on this one, we decided to next take on If I die today, the song you remember from our studio blog part 1. Mixing this song was actually really easy, and the reason for that is that it’s probably the simplest ErilaZ song (meaning, it is a wicked composition but contains less elements than most of the other ErilaZ songs). We got the base mix for the song ready in a couple of hours. The only problem is that I need to redo the vocals on this one too, and because of the problem mentioned above, we were not able to jump in there just yet. By the way, this will more than likely be the only song on the album without any guitar parts.

So, moving on to another song — July Cries. Yeah, we know, it’s the first song from our EP “First of the Vortices” (which by the way, you can buy from Danse Macabre). So why do it again, might someone ask… I asked the same question but mr. Proteus persisted that it needed something more. I can’t be more happy that I finally agreed. We didn’t change much, but what we did will give this song even deeper dimension that it had before. We changed the kick and snare drum sounds and cleaned up some sounds. Then aQi had this brilliant idea of putting a more-hit-than-a-snare-with-reverb kind of sound in the middle parts to back up the heavy drumming. Whaddayaknow, sounds great!

I guess at this point we were in some kind of working frenzy since next Proteus opens his mouth to mumble something I thought sounded like he wanted to add choirs to the mix. I’m looking at him like he’s retarded. You know, the guy whom I’ve come to know as the most reliable mixing aid because of his natural ability to stop adding stuff and instead take something out of the mix for the sake of a good end result now turns his jacket to his own philosophy. Well, off we go and a second later I find I’ve always had a choir part in there but it hadn’t been previously used. A vicious grin on our faces remarked the delight of finding out it matched exactly the part we were thinking of using choirs for.

By the way, this day was an odd one. No beers or other alcohol were consumed at the studio. None, nada, zip. And still we were so productive. I’m beginning to be proud of us.

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