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ErilaZ album creation studio blog, part 1

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ProteusWe decided to start writing about our studio sessions while creating and preparing our upcoming full-length album, so what follows here is the first one in the series.

We already started the long and work requiring project of finishing our first full-length album a bit earlier. We recorded and mixed one song during summer and then had to take a break for a while to practice for this summer’s biggest event, Jurassic Rock festival. We also have maybe half of the songs in a pretty good shape. Those require some mixing, a few more takes with guitars or vocals and then they are good to go — and then we have the other half that need more or less a complete workout. Blood, sweat, tears and gazillions of cans of beer. Today we decided to make some hard decisions about the upcoming disk. So, what we ended up with today was the song list and order.

We’re not going to reveal everything just yet, but maybe just a short sneak peek: one of the older songs that we had almost forgotten is called ‘If I die today‘. That will be on the album, redone of course. We haven’t even played that live for ages, but when we did, it was well received. I remember Eppu from the nostalgic Kuudes Linja club raving after our first gig how he hadn’t listened to similar music before, but especially that song had made an impression on him. The song was never properly published, but you can download an really, really old version from our download section (Download ErilaZ songs here). It’s a bit different, but give it a shot and tell us what you think!

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