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Combination of Electro-Industrial, EBM, Folkmetal & Classical whatnot?

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ErilaZ is usually given the following genre attributes: Industrial, EBM, Metal, Classical and Folk (sometimes adding Electro in the mix and substituting Classical and Folk with Neo-Classical and Neo-Folk, just for the fun and confusion). Why these attributes, one might ask? Because they are most likely to represent what my music sounds like and where it comes from. The latter part of the sentence is as important as the first one, I believe. In order to fully understand ErilaZ’s music, there has to be good ground knowledge of both Folk and Classical even though these two might not be the first ones to pop into your mind when trying to describe ErilaZ’s music. ErilaZ grew up listening to Metal, Classical and Folk so these are the underlying influences that are just topped with the electronic EBM / Industrial dressing.

All the so-called music genres are artificial (often subjective) constructs that seek to label music into different categories exploiting traits applied to each genre and then seeing where each artist, album or song fits. However corny it sounds, I’m not a big fan of labeling music even though I do it for my music as well. It is interesting to know what you think about this, so please do answer the randomly changing poll on the right if it asks about what you would call ErilaZ’s music. “Shite” is not an option here.

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